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Ion Polarization System

The physical-galvanic water treatment

A new revolutionary system for preventing limescale and removing existing from water heaters, pipes, mixers, showers and all equipment through which water flows with certified efficiency up to 76% (confirmed efficiency of KalyxX Active up to 90%). IPS use energy of spinning water and electrodes creating a galvanic potential up to 4.5 V.

Key features

  • Change hard calcite to soft aragonite.
  • Reduce the need to de-scale tankless heaters, mixers, showers.
  • Doesn‘t restrict household water pressure.
  • Connects directly to copper, CPVC or PVC pipe.
  • Adapts easily for PEX and other pipe types.
  • Environmentally friendly and chemical-free.
  • No electricity required.
  • Easy-to-install and maintenance-free.
  • Extends the life and efficiency of new and existing water heaters, mixers, showers…
  • Certified for long-term contact with drinking water.

IPS (Ion Polarization System) is designed for the physical-galvanic water treatment for households, public buildings and industrial plants. IPS is suitable for new pipelines for prevention, but also for the old ones, where it gradually removes existing deposits.

IPS Kalyxx is a flow-through body with inlet and outlet ports. Inside are placed turbine-shaped electrodes (not magnets) of two different electrically conductive materials.

IPS products

How the IPS works

IPS effectively prevents the formation of solid sediments and corrosion in cold and hot water appliances. IPS is a flow-through body with inside placed turbine-shaped electrodes of two different electrically conductive materials. The electrode design is patent-protected (TGP® – Turbulent Galvanic Polarization) and generates a swirling water flow, causing a change in the structure of the minerals. See how IPS works on video below.

Effect of IPS on sedimentation scale in an electric kettle

Day 1 – 15 
The old limescale made from calcite is gradually washed away.

Day 30
The new sedimentations (aragonite) are easy to wipe away.

Physical propensity at 50.0 μm level

Effect on calcite crystals under microscope. Picture 0 – not treated water, pictures 1, 2, 3 – water treated with IPS.

Recommended water properties

Generally recommended water properties for usage with the IPS KalyxX*:


6,5 - 8,5


< 0.5 mg/l


< 25 °dH (4.464 mmol/l)


< 150 ms/m


< 950 ppm


< 2000 mg/l

* In a case when water properties are different as recommended, please contact us for individual evaluation.

What is Scale?

When water comes from areas high in calcium or magnesium carbonate, hard water leaves mineral deposits commonly known as “lime scale” on plumbing components, mixers, showers, appliances.

Scale buildup can block pipes, thermostatic cartridges, faucet aerators, showers and cause components to fail. It’s unsightly, leaves white deposits on clothes and dishes and is a constant nuisance for end-users. More signifcantly, scale build-up on water heater elements reduces their overall effciency and drives up energy bills.

Why is scale bad for a water heater?

  • Restricts Flow
  • Slows Transfer of Heat
  • Decreases Effciency
  • Damages Heating Elements
  • Decreases Water Pressure
  • Shortens Life Span
  • Requires Frequent and Costly Maintenance

Water heater with scale and sediment buildup decreasing both the efficiency, water pressure and lifespan of this water heater.

IPS KalyxX – your best defence against scale

IPS KalyxX is suited for both traditional tank and tankless water heaters in areas with moderate to severe hard water. It’s an inexpensive way to protect their investment, easy to install, and a great value. IPS KalyxX is designed to fit directly on the male NPT/G inlet of any residential water heater.

Without a IPS KalyxX installed, tankless heaters must be flushed and cleaned with chemicals every one to three years to function properly.

Local plumber descaling and flushing out a tankless water heater system costing you both time and money.