Swiss Aqua Technologies

is working intensively on research and methodology of improving water quality by activating and structuring it through physical changes. The result of this work is a set of devices positively influencing water properties in terms of its quality.

Water is the basic source of life. Even if it is not traded on the stock market, we probably will not exaggerate when we say that water is the most precious commodity. Our goal is to protect this precious fluid and bring it to our customers in the best quality.

Swiss Aqua Technologies AG (SAT) is a company based in Diepoldsau, Switzerland. It consists of a team of engineers and scientists involved in the nearly two decades of product development to improve water quality, the savings with an emphasis on health effects and environmental impacts and constructing of products which benefits from water characteristics. The results are revolutionary solutions in a unique systems like Ion Polarization System (IPS), Optim Flush System (OFS) or Water Care System (WCS).

SAT develops and manufactures portfolio of IPS in-house but also within ODM partnership. Worldwide introduction of IPS through the development of distribution networks for effective and long-term cooperation with an interesting business model.

SAT has actually two subsidairies in Czech republic and Slovakia. Most of the production is done in Prešov, Slovakia.

If you are interested in cooperation or any questions regarding the product portfolio, please contact our business management.

IPS is an ecological way of water treatment using natural (physical) laws. The device operates on the principle of “wet galvanic cell”.

  • It prevents from lime scale creation and corrosion
  • Prolongs the lifetime of heating equipment and sanitary equipment.
  • Protects the piping system against bacteria
  • Increases pH of water (ionized alkaline water) – it has a positive effect on the human organism.
  • Maintennce free device
  • It does not require any external power source
  • Chemical-free device

The high efficiency of this system has been confirmed by test institutes and certification authorities in Europe and the US. Based on these results, we have secured international patent protection in the SAT, and we work with global business and manufacturing managers to secure global distribution.

The use of IPS is appropriate and efficient where the water shows medium, high to very high hardness. Such water is found in up to 75% of the world. SAT has a portfolio of water-saving solutions from residential units to corporate complexes and industrial facilities. 

In 2017 SAT came into the market with the novelty – Turbulent Galvanic Polarization – TGP (Protected World Patent), which supplies the kinetic energy to the water and moves it far beyond.


OFS is unique system how to flush toilet using pressure which is taken from the pipes. The pressured air with water is stored in the tanks inside toilet, ready to be released when needed. The result is very effecient and silent flush, that can never be reached using gravitation flushing (used in standard toilets in Europe). OptimFlush toilets are able to pass all needed certifications with 2,5 litres, where other toilets use 6 litres. OFS can even flush very well with 1,5 litres only.

WTS products use the power of the water to spin while flow through turbine. Our products transform this energy into spinning elements on hand shower which can help you to do your pedicure, peeling or massage in a very gentle way. No external energy is needed, just let the water flow.

Swiss Aqua Technologies at ISH 2019

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
11. – 15. March 2019

Our solutions bring the required quality of drinking and utility water to the population and organizations through its physical adjustment and thus to maximize the use of its positive properties.