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IPS KalyxX

Protection of your home against scale and corrosion.
No power supply, batteries, chemicals or filters.

IPS KalyxX uses a patented Turbulent Galvanic Polarization (TGP®) electrode to disrupt the formation of limescale crystals on water heaters, showers, thermostatic cartridges, taps, etc. In side-by-side comparison testing, IPS KalyxX was four times more effective than the leading electronic or magnetic scale devices. IPS KalyxX is easy to install and maintenance free.

Key features

  • Extends the life and efficiency of water heater, thermostatic cartridges, showers, aerators, etc.
  • Reduces and prevents limescale build-up by 76.3% (90% KalyxX Active)
  • Easy-to-install & maintenance-free
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • No electricity required
  • Environmentally friendly, chemical-free
  • Does not affect water pressure
  • Adapts easily for PEX and other pipe types
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty, works at least 10 years





Suitable for
drinking water


Water Activation


IPS KalyxX Active


G 1/2″ | G 3/4″ | G 1″ (female)

IPS KalyxX BlueLine


G 1/2″ | G 3/4″ | G 1″ (female)

IPS KalyxX RedLine


G 1/2″ | G 3/4″ | G 1″ (female)

IPS KalyxX GreenLine


G 1/2″ | G 3/4″ | G 1″ (female)
G 3/4″ (F) – Garden Hose Quick Connector

IPS KalyxX Industry



DN40 | DN50 | DN65 | DN80 | DN100 | DN125 | DN150 (flange)

IPS KalyxX devices

Recommended water properties

Generally recommended water properties for usage with the IPS KalyxX*:


6,5 - 8,5


< 0.5 mg/l


< 25 °dH (4.464 mmol/l)


< 150 ms/m


< 950 ppm


< 2000 mg/l

* In a case when water properties are different as recommended, please contact us for individual evaluation.


How the IPS works

IPS effectively prevents the formation of solid sediments and corrosion in cold and hot water appliances. IPS is a flow-through body with inside placed turbine-shaped electrodes of two different electrically conductive materials. The electrode design is patent-protected (TGP® – turbulent galvanic polarization) and generates a swirling water flow, causing a change in the structure of the minerals. See how IPS works on video below.

How can we proove that IPS works?

Effect of IPS on sedimentation scale in an electric kettle

Day 1 – 15 
The old limescale made from calcite is gradually washed away.

Day 30
The new sedimentations (aragonite) are easy to wipe away.

Certified efficiency

Swiss Aqua Technologies is one of a few companies that has certified efficiency. Our efficiency of limescale reduction is 76% (IPS KalyxX – ScaleRX).

Patent protected

Our technology is protected by patents, which is not easy to achieve.


We are conducting regular efficiency testings.

We have customers in more than 20 countries all over the world (USA, Israel, EU, Thailand, China, etc.). Each of our customer has done his own testing before start of sales.

USA – ScaleRX (IPS)

In June 2019, two Gas Tank 40 Gallon Hot Water Heaters were installed by the same contractor in two residential homes. The test homes were located in Houston, TX and had similar usage rates. After 1 year, the unit installed without ScaleRX produced 1 liter of scale deposits. Whereas, the unit installed with ScaleRX produced zero scale deposits.

Water heater with installed IPS.

Water heater without installed IPS.

Thailand – FlowX

King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok

2022 I 15 days I 2 same water tanks I 2 same heating rod I Same source of water through one water pump.

Testing at water hardness 400 ppm.

Without FlowX.

With FlowX.

Thailand (IPS)

Boiler A – using IPS (still without limescale on the heating device).

Boiler B – direct water source without using IPS (already limescale on the heating device).

Here you can see test made by one of our customer – old limescale is peeling away.

Clear water – no IPS installation. The cloudy water is containing washed out old limescale.

China (IPS)

Release of old limescale in the toilet tank 2 weeks after installation of IPS into the system.

Toilet tank with installed IPS.

Toilet tank without installed IPS.

IPS effectiveness after 6 months of use

Flow heater spiral – after 6 months without water treatment (above), new one (below).

After 6 months without water treatment

After 6 months with IPS installed

IPS is used in big projects

Our technology works very well also in big projects like spa, residential houses, swimming pools. Bellow you can see study from Ukraine –  LLC” ARDEN PALACE, in the Khmelnitsky region, in the village of Satanov, st. Resort 40.

Positive feedbacks

We are receiving possitive feedbacks from endusers, where effects like clean electric kettle, easy removable spots on shower enclosure, no scale on taps aerators.

My IPS has been installed since the 22nd April and on the same day I fitted a new aerator on my bathroom tap which is constantly used and limescale build up has always been a problem. Their has been absolutely no build up since installed. Looks like is works.

– A customer from UK

Vodovodní baterie jsou bez krapnikových nánosů a rychlovarné konvice bez bílého povlaku.

– DZD Dražice

Nous en avons installé 10 depuis 1 an. Nous sommes trés satisfait du resultat.

– A customer from France

Water heater with scale and sediment buildup decreasing both the efficiency, water pressure and lifespan of this water heater.

IPS KalyxX – your best defence against scale

IPS KalyxX is suited for both traditional tank and tankless water heaters in areas with moderate to severe hard water. It’s an inexpensive way to protect their investment, easy to install, and a great value. IPS KalyxX is designed to fit directly on the male NPT/G inlet of any residential water heater.

Without a IPS KalyxX installed, tankless heaters must be flushed and cleaned with chemicals every one to three years to function properly.

Local plumber descaling and flushing out a tankless water heater system costing you both time and money.

What makes IPS KalyxX better?

IPS KalyxX has been shown in tests conducted by IAPMO to be 76.3% effective at removing lime-scale deposits on copper heating elements. In side-by-side comparison testing it was four times more effective than the leading electronic scale reduction device. The patented Turbulent Galvanic Polarization (TGP) electrode design creates a swirling water flow within IPS KalyxX to maximize effectiveness.

IPS KalyxX is not a water softener. It doesn’t remove anything from or add anything to the water.

IPS KalyxX is less expensive, easier to install, maintenance-free, and more effective than anything else on the market.

Extends the life and efficiency of new and existing water heaters.


  • Works with any type of water heater.
  • Eliminates the need to de-scale tankless heaters.
  • Doesn’t restrict household water pressure.
  • Connects directly to copper, CPVC or PVC pipe.
  • Adapts easily for PEX and other pipe types.
  • Environmentally friendly and chemical-free.
  • No electricity required.
  • Easy-to-install and maintenance-free.

Example of flow reduction with standard cartridge for home filters (flow rate reduced almost by 40%)

Flow (l/min)
without cartridge
Flow (l/min)
Standard limescale reducing cartridge
14.3 8.5
15.8 8.9
17.6 10.5
18.4 10.6
19.1 11.5
19.5 13
20.8 16

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between Blue Line and Red Line?

They both works the same. In addition to red, the blue line has silver electrodes inside, which provides antibacterial effect (reduction of e-coli) up to 40%.

How I can meassure efficiency of IPS?

As the IPS is not making water softer and its not adding anything to water, it is very hard to meassure something. There are special official tests, where you measure the amount of scale on heating elements from water heaters and you compare it to not treated water. These test last at least 3 weeks. We have done them many times and we have prooven by AIPMO that our products are effecient up to 76%.

How long the calcite is change to aragonite?

It very much depends on kind of water, but in general it last 2-3 days.

If I install two IPS at one pipe, will the effect increase?

Yes, the effect will be better. From our tests we know, that the efficiency will rise by several %, so it will be around 80 – 90%.

What is the warranty of IPS?

That very much differ from country to country. For example our customer in USA keeps warranty for 12 years. We are sure, that our IPS will works without any maintance at least for 10 years.

Which filter should be used together with IPS?

Just standard particle removing filter, with 50 to 10 microns cartridge.