The original water structuring vortex device creates unique water properties for limescale protection and water activation.

  • Reduction of scale formation in water systems with a confirmed efficiency of 90%.

  • Antibacterial effect – blocks the multiplication of Escherichia Coli bacteria.

  • Water activation and optimization of its structure for a positive effect on the living organism.

  • Increase in the antioxidant activity of plant parts and their resistance to drought.

How the KalyxX Active works

KalyxX Active is built on our Ion Polarization System supplemented with magnets that enhance the effect of the device. IPS is a flow-through body with inside placed turbine-shaped electrodes of two different electrically conductive materials. The electrode design is patent-protected (TGP® – turbulent galvanic polarization) and generates a swirling water flow, causing a change in the structure of the minerals. IPS effectively prevents the formation of solid sediments and corrosion in cold and hot water appliances. 


Limescale Protection

KalyxX Active is an original vortex water treatment device that creates unique properties of water by changing its structure. It is built on our Ion Polarization System supplemented with magnets that enhance the effect of the device. The confirmed effectiveness of protection against limescale reaches 90%. The device uses energy of spinning water, electrodes create a galvanic potential up to 4.5 V.

Changes hard calcite to soft aragonite.

Reduces the need to de-scale tankless heaters, mixers, showers.

Extends the life and efficiency of new and existing water appliances and devices through which water flows.


  • Antibacterial effect (silver electrodes).
  • Doesn‘t restrict household water pressure.
  • Connects directly to copper, CPVC or PVC pipe.
  • Adapts easily for PEX and other pipe types.
  • Environmentally friendly and chemical-free.
  • No electricity required.
  • Easy-to-install and maintenance-free.
  • Certified for long-term contact with drinking water.

What is Limescale?

When water comes from areas high in calcium or magnesium carbonate, hard water leaves mineral deposits commonly known as “lime scale” on plumbing components, mixers, showers, appliances.

Scale buildup can block pipes, thermostatic cartridges, faucet aerators, showers and cause components to fail. It’s unsightly, leaves white deposits on clothes and dishes and is a constant nuisance for end-users. More signifcantly, scale build-up on water heater elements reduces their overall effciency and drives up energy bills.

Confirmed efficiency

Tests running for 21 days has prooven 90% efficiency on water with hardness 15,28.

Heating element used with water without treatment.

Heating element used with water treated with the KalyxX Active device.

Water Activation

The flow of water through the KalyxX Active changes its energy-informational field. The result is the so-called “structured” or “activated” water. KalyxX Active water activation has been confirmed by three independent laboratories:


Activated / Structured Water

Structured water is a dynamic state of molecular bonding and information exchange. This type of water is beneficial for human life and is in harmony with nature. When one drinks and surrounds one’s environment with healthy water, health continues to improve over time. Undoubtedly, this water have the fantastic ability to make unhealthy water, drained of life force, healthy and ready to drink again in a matter of moments. Information brought to any type of water, even spring water fresh from a mountain stream, is beneficial and yet improves the oxygenation and bioavailability of the water.

What is structured water good for?

  • Optimal Hydration
  • Elimination Of Bacteria
  • Enhanced Hygiene
  • Gardening Benefits
  • Wastewater Management

Masaru Emoto’s Laboratory

Water is one of the most indispensable substances for the life of human beings. It is not enough to take in a necessary quantity of water inside of the body, but we should take the quality of water into consideration. For instance, the district where a lot of long life people lives is blessed with high quality water from natural resource. In other words, it is becoming common sense that there are a lot of correlations between the health and the quality of water which we drink every day. Today, even if the water that we drink or use does not contain any detrimental ingredient, the quality of water is not always satisfactory. It is becoming clear that the formation of water crystal reflects the quality of water.

What does the crystal tell us?

The snow crystal has a beautiful hexagonal formation highly symmetric. The tap water gone through sterilization process by chlorine is likely to turn our more collapsed crystals and less evaluation mark than natural clean water. This may be partly explained by the influence of the chlorine residue materially.

Some researchers point out that there is a correlation between the formation of water crystal and its degree of water pollution and it can be one of the indexes of water quality in terms of the degree of pollution.

The water crystal formation reflects not only physical but informational or energetic aspect of the water.

(Source: The Report of Water Crystal Experiment, Office Masaru Emoto,LLC, July 2022)

Sample of water without treatment.

Sample of water treated by the Kalyxx Active

There is no other substance in the world with which our well-being and health are so closely connected as with water.

– Masaru Emoto

Whoever begins to uncover the secret of water will soon discover the name of Masaru Emoto. This Japanese doctor of alternative medicine told the world more about the secrets of water than anyone else. He undertook extensive research into water throughout the planet and studied it from the perspective of an original thinker. He proved that water is an important carrier of information. He managed to do this by photographing a microscopic particle of water – a small water crystal that changed its structure according to the action of various external factors.

Dr. Masaru Emoto (1943 – 2014) studied water for more than twenty years. With his knowledge and enthusiasm, he taught millions of people around the world to love clean water. He is the author of numerous books and a three-volume collection of photographs of beautiful water crystals. In addition to the scientific value that photographs have, they are also a sought-after work of art.

Slovak University of Agriculture

In 2021, the research team from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (Slovakia, EU) ensured several experiments with the application of activated water with the IPS system in laboratory, greenhouse and field conditions.

The measurements confirmed that the IPS device is unique and original for structuring water and creates unique properties in water.

Based on the experiments with plant species, the following effects of the action of IPS were clearly confirmed:

Increasing the antioxidant activity (AA) of plant parts.

Improvement of the water regime in plants – increasing tolerance against drought.

Increased tolerance against biotic factors – lower presence of diseases.

Shortening of the growing season.

An increase in the contentof cannabinoids in plant parts of hemp.

A device developed by researchers to measure the effect of IPS-treated water at different pressures on plant growth.

Examples of research conclusions of the Slovak University of Agriculture

Effect of activated water with the IPS system on the germination and growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)


Comparison of the tested variants with activated stable water at different pressures for the germination and emergence of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seeds in sand after 4 days from the start of the experiment with a weight of 10 g.

Notice: Taking into account the fact that the collective carried out experiments in only one year, the results and knowledge can be considered primary and original, but nevertheless with a high informative value, because they indicate many directions and trends that have not been presented to the professional community from a given experimental point of view.

Tap water (control sample).

Activated water at a pressure of 75 Pa.

Source: Effect of activated water by the IPS device on germination, growth, production and quality of plant biomass, Final report for research activities 2021, Nitra, Slovakia, EU, January 2022

PDF download (original in Slovak language):

GDV Laboratory

Experiments with the evaluation of some parameters of the energetics of the GDV camera of activated water created by the IPS system at different pressures clearly proved its uniqueness at the level of energy-information fields, which is the basic essence and uniqueness of the IPS device.

Results of measurements by the GDV method – Values for IPS treated water at different pressures.
Source: ALFA-MED s.r.o., Prague, 2022

GDV measurement

In 2014, French researcher Guy Londechamp presented the results of a five-year study of subjects who drank structured water prepared in his structured device. After testing over 100 people, 80% of participants showed an increase in their energy fields after drinking one glass of structured water.

Figure 1: Before structured water.
Figure 2: After drinking a glass of structured water.
Aura breaks in Figure 1 indicate energy imbalances, while Figure 2 indicates increased energy.
Source: Korotkov, 2020

The Good Brew Kombucha Company prides itself on using the highest quality organic ingredients and the best quality water. for the past 2 years we have been brewing kombucha using Daylesford Spring Water that has gone through Kalyxx device and have noticed heightened growth of our probiotic blend. The complexity and microbial diversity of our living culture has been documented in a scientific paper (see We believe that the Kalyxx device not only reduces scale and improves plant growth, it also enhances fermentation and the growth of probiotic bacteria and will continue to use it as a ‘secret sauce’ in our probiotic blends.

– Marc Cohen

MBBS (Hons), PhD (TCM), PhD (Elec Eng), BMed Sci (Hons), Melbourne, Australia

IPS KalyxX Active




  • Reduction of scale formation on water supply elements – confirmed efficiency of 90%.
  • Antibacterial effect – blocks the multiplication of Escherichia Coli bacteria (thanks to silver electrodes).
  • Water activation for optimal bioavailibility.
  • Patented technology TGP® – Turbulent Galvanic Polarization – no chemicals, no external energy.
  • Suitable for cold (drinking) and hot water.
  • NRL Certificate for direct permanent contact with drinking water.
  • Environmentally friendly and chemical- free.
  • No electricity required.
  • Health safety product – each part of IPS is made from material suitable for contact with drinking water.
  • Safe product – Verified Hydraulic Properties.
  • Durable body (Stainless steel 1.4301) and internal parts – 2 years warranty, works at least 10 year without any maintenance.


Technical parameters


  • Connection: Female NPT/G x Female NPT/G
  • Patented Discs Composition
  • Maximum Flowrate: up to 4 m3/h*
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pipe Type: Copper, CPVC, PVC, PEX
  • Maximum Pressure Drops: 43 Pa – 692 Pa*
  • Operating Temperature (inlet): 0°C to 85°C
    (Optimal temperature for maximum efficiency Min/Max (inlet): 0 °C to 60 °C)

* depends on model







Max. Pressure

Max. Flow

Pressure Drop
at max. flow (mBar/Pa)

Min. Flow (l/min)

KalyxX Active 1/2″

G 1/2″




10 / 1


0,4405 / 44,05


KalyxX Active 3/4″

G 3/4″




10 / 1


4,29 / 429,08


KalyxX Active 1″

G 1″




10 / 1


6,68 / 668,76


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