Water Care

Care for health and beauty 2 in 1

The Pedicure shower is designed for the easy, safe and fast removal of hard skin on the feet. It can be done after every bath or shower and gently removed skin is immediately and cleanly washed away. 

There is no need for an external source or mechanical power. Continuous rinsing with water provides gently care and the resulting effect. Combination with shower function provides the user with a more comprehensive 2 in 1 benefit.

Pedicure Shower


  • One side using with the dual function:
    • Pedicure care,
    • Shower care.
  • Switch on / off function.
  • By the using of the Shower care function arrestment of pedicure tool.
  • Easy exchangeable tool  with different hardness.


  • Single function:
    • Wet pedicure care.
  • Easy exchangeable tool with different hardness.

Shower Care

Pedicure Care

This product will be available from January 2020, please contact us for more information if interested.